All you need to know about the Land of Skulls

Famous writer Zulkaif Riaz and Youtuber Farhan Rana Rajpoot joined hands with the debutant producer and Filmmaker Farhan Butt to make a short documentary "The land of Skulls".

 Releasing on 30th October, the documentary The land of skulls is based on the historical genocide in the African country Rwanda. In 1994, France turned the civil war into an inhumane genocide killing 1.1 million people. Other than this, more than 600,000 women were raped and thousands went missing.
So far, Liberal France is the only one to accept the responsibility for plotting the genocide. You can hear thousands of horrible stories that happened during the 100 days of massacre. The documentary " The land of Skulls" covers one of them. The documentary had a budget of 50,000 USD.

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