Intel is confident it can get Apple back as a customer after being exiled from macs

Apple is very soon going to launch their latest processors, named M1 max and M1 pro. But Intel CEO is still confident that they will get back Apple as a customer.

In 2020, Apple decided to move away from Intel after a 15-years long partnership. Now they are launching the next generation of their processors. Intel CEO in his latest interview acknowledged that Apple's move of making their chip was incredible. He has shown confidence in getting their partner back.

Intel is the leading Processors, CPUs, and other chip manufacturing company that is leading the market with their quality products. While Apple, on the other hand, is become a brand in the mobile phone and computer's market.

After a long partnership, Apple had decided to make its own chip. Let's see whether Apple succeeds in this test or reverts to Intel as Intel's CEO has just predicted.

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